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About me

I’m a painter from Hong Kong. Learning Western and Chinese painting since very young, I depicted animals and sceneries with a soulful realistic approach. I opened my first solo exhibition in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre at 12 years old— “World through the eyes of a little girl”. From traditional ink painting to acrylic, watercolour and pencil sketching, I exhibited up to 100 paintings. My message is “Even though you’re small, it’s okay to think big.”


After transitioning to high school, I started experiencing symptoms of depression such as frequent insomnia and self harming tendencies. At 17, I attempted to take my own life resulting in disabilities and blindness in one eye. In the period of healing, I grew increasingly drawn towards self discovery and dedicated much time to paint. I started exploring on themes of physical impairments and psychological distress in my works. In 2021, I opened my second solo exhibition— “My Inner Landscape”. In which I put emphasis on expressing my emotions and ideologies, such as painting with a much bolder use of colour and brush marks, putting more thought into naming my works and adding descriptions to illustrate my ideas. The themes of my works are based on my personal experience, such as the internal conflict of the self, the ordinary yet ghoulish consumption of animals and losing sight in one eye, symbolically, also caused me to gain inner vision. 


Art philosophy 

Visual arts is a communication of the fundamental roots of a human being. The expression of sorrow, pleasure, anger, in fact the depiction of emotions and the spirit of a human being, these are the common language of all of us. Through art, the imaginary and spiritual becomes tangible, conceivable. Visual arts, for me, is also timeless. The evolution of art may never stop and ways of creating art becomes outdated and renewed. However, I can still resonate, be totally captivated and find beauty in the paintings from hundreds of years ago. The beauty of art will never expire. 


My process of making art is very personal, meditative and healing. When I paint, I feel I can submerge myself into the subconscious, and without any resistance, purge out my emotions in the most raw, unaltered way onto my new piece of creation. I always hope, when people look at my paintings, they will find an echo in their hearts of the selfsame feeling.

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852- 6933 0714

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