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About me

I am a painter from Hong Kong. Born in 2003, I began painting when I was six. Painting is, since, a big part of my life. Experimenting with different medias and style, painting is always my personal refuge. As my life experience grew, my style as an artist has also changed and progressed.


Through colours, shapes and lines, I am expressing my inner thoughts and emotions, my personal experiences and the way I see life. I hope, through art, I can communicate the world I feel without the barriers of time, language and space.

Art philosophy 

I grew up in Hong Kong with many hobbies and interests. In painting different cities, architectures, animals, plants and people, I tried to depict the world with the amazement I felt as a child growing up. I opened my first solo exhibition in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre in 2015— “World Through The Eyes Of A Little Girl”. Through medias like Chinese ink, acrylic, water colour, oil pastel and pencil, I depicted real life objects and sceneries with a realistic approach. My message is “Even though you’re small, it’s okay to think big.”

After transitioning to high school, I started experiencing symptoms of depression such as frequent insomnia and self harming tendencies. At 17, I attempted to take my own life resulting in disabilities and blindness in one eye. During hospitalisation, I grew increasingly drawn towards self discovery. I started exploring on themes of physical impairments and psychological distress in my works. In the period of my healing, I dedicated much energy and time to painting as a way to relieve my struggles. In the August of 2021, I opened my second solo exhibition— “My Inner Landscape”. In which I put emphasis on expressing my emotions and ideologies, such as painting with a much bolder use of colour and brush marks, putting more thought into naming my works and adding descriptions to illustrate my ideas. The themes of my works are based on my personal experiences, such as the absurdity I see in meat consumption, losing sight in one eye, symbolically, also caused me to gain inner vision and I feel the external world is always a mirror to the internal.

Now I am experimenting with new ways of creating art like oil painting and three-dimensional art as well as gaining knowledge and exposure to different artists, literature and writing

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